Frequently Asked Questions by Families

Where do your nannies come from?
The majority of our nanny candidates come from the Midwest and they include both individuals with a good background in childcare and/or individuals that have actual nanny experience.

How do you find your nannies?
Nannies of Nebraska spends a considerable amount of time and effort advertising at various locations. We also obtain a substantial amount of nannies by word of mouth and referrals since we have been in business since 1987. No matter what your needs, we have an adequate supply of nannies on hand at all times.

How long does the process take?
This varies for each individual family. Our agency will provide nanny files to your family once we receive your application and information and will then work together to find an appropriate match for your family. We are available for any questions you would have during this process.

How many names of nannies will you provide?
The referrals are carefully matched before being sent to a family. A good percentage of our families will hire one of the first few referrals sent to them. We will, however, continue to send files until an appropriate match is made.

How many hours a week can I expect a nanny to work?
Work hours are to average 8-10 hours per day for full-time with 2 days off per week.
Part-time hours are to average 5-25 hours per week.
Temporary hours will vary depending on your family's needs.

Do the families pay for transportation to the job?
Yes. The family is responsible for the nanny's transportation to the job and their way home after the commitment period.

What kind of fees are incurred by the family?
An application fee is due when you send in an application. A placement fee will be due once a nanny is hired. Please register online or contact us via phone to receive more detailed information.

Is there a contract between the nanny and the family?
Yes. Once a job offer has been made, a contract will be supplied by Nannies of Nebraska for the family to fill out and the nanny to sign before the onset of employment.

Do you have information on health insurance and taxes?
More information on taxes and health insurance can be found at the following links.

Eisenberg Associates: The Official Insurance Representative of the
International Nanny Association

GTM Associates: The Nationwide leader in household tax and payroll services.

Can I speak to a family that has a current nanny from your agency?
Absolutely! References in your area are available upon request.

Before a nanny is hired, can a family do reference checks on the nanny?
Yes! The family can contact any of the references supplied by Nannies of Nebraska.

Who is responsible for paying the nanny?
The nanny is considered an employee of the family, therefore, the family is responsible for paying the nanny.

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