Frequently Asked Questions by Nannies

Where do your families come from?
Nannies of Nebraska places nannies nationwide.

How do you find your families?
We obtain a substantial amount of families by word of mouth and referrals. We have an adequate supply of families on hand at all times.

What kind of information will I receive about the families?
The families fill out a detailed application similar to the application filled out by the nannies. You will receive a copy of the family profile, which includes photos of the family and home, once we know a family will be contacting you.

How long does the process take?
This varies for each individual nanny. Our agency will continue to submit your application to families until you have found the appropriate match. We are available for any questions you would have about the families.

How many hours a week can I expect to work?
Work hours are to average 8-10 hours per day for full-time with 2 days off per week.
Part-time hours are to average 5-25 hours per week.
Temporary hours will vary depending on the families needs.

Do the families pay for transportation to the job?
Yes. The family is responsible for the nanny's transportation to the job and their way home after the commitment period.

What kind of questions should I ask a potential family?
A list of questions will be provided to the nanny to ask a potential family.

Is there a contract between the nanny and the family?
Yes! Once a job offer has been made, a contract will be supplied by Nannies of Nebraska for the family to fill out and the nanny to sign before the onset of employment.

Can I speak to a current nanny from your agency?
Absolutely! References in your area are available upon request.

Before I accept a job, can I do a reference check on the family?
Yes! It is recommended that you talk to the family's current nanny or childcare provider once a job offer has been made. Nannies of Nebraska can help you with the questions to be asked.

Who will pay me (the nanny)?
You will be considered an employee of the family; therefore, the family will pay you.

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